About Plant Works Nutrition


It Started as a Passion Project

Being workout and protein fanatics, trying to maintain a better-for-you, more plant-centric diet, we made the switch from whey protein powders to plant protein powders. We soon grew tired of drinking terrible tasting shakes, made with low quality proteins that lacked the right ratio of essential amino acids to help our bodies recover.


So what did we do? We decided to make our own.

18 months and many failed attempts later, we finally built a formula that met our goals. We combined a blend of high-quality plant proteins with super herbs, adaptogens, added BCAA's and a few other natural ingredients to create a great tasting plant-based performance protein powder that helps the body recover, rebuild, and repeat.

Our protein powders contain no artificial or animal-based ingredients, are Non-GMO, Vegan, Zero Sugar, Gluten Free and Non-Allergenic.

We started Plant Works Nutrition as a passion project for ourselves and our families.  We hope you enjoy our product as much as we do. Welcome to the family!

Adam, John, & Ron